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Look at the beauty.

Look at the beauty.



yeah. i saw Lower Than Atlantis. AND MET THEM.

i was soo excited when i met them i was shaking, they signed my copy of Changing Tune and yeah i was fangirling, deal with it.

They played the Garage in Glasgow, it was life changing.

they put on such a amazing show i was blown away!



At this very moment in time i am listening to Radiohead, one of my favourite bands, but right now i’ve strayed away from the “Bends-OK Computer” era and am listening to some tracks of In Rainbows and the other more “out-there” tracks.

My favourite of these tracks is Bodysnatchers and Reckoner. Both having beautiful melodys and just plain musical genius.

All though, coming away from Radiohead, things have not been very well with my life and the people in it. Death has come and taken away people dearest to me. This has happened many times before, not meaning to get all emo on you folk, it has happened to the people that inspire me the most. I can say one positive things about these incidents, it has brought my family closer.


Biffy Clyro have announced a release date for there new album and excited is an understatement, I cannot wait for it.

Before i go, heres a link. Enjoy.

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all my favourite albums.


East coasters are weird…

I was at a wedding this weekend in Edinburgh, it took place at the Balmoral. How many people my age can say they’ve been to the Barmoral?

Anyway the flat i was staying in was right next to the Royal Mile, it was a cracking flat. But..outside was an antique shop, it had a dog in a pram outside it.


Scottish summers are not the best

Good day Tumblr people!

Its just gone a week and a half since the schools shut for the summer. Now, earlier on in the year it was absolutelly scorching and now its a grey, drizzle wasteland of folk wandering around like zombies.

I’ll admit the first few days were pretty damn good,two parties and gig. Both pretty good, not gonna lie. Now, its unbearable there is nothing to do. Living in a small town like i do is utter hell at times like these where all you can do is wander the streets because they’re is no place for youth to go.

Listening Biffy Clyro dose brighten my day. And The Vaccines and Lower Than Atlantis are releasing new records within days of each other which shall be brilliant.


Here comes the sun!

Whats that bright thing in the sky?

Living in Scotland, you never know when you get scorching weather like this. The past week has been great both weather wise and its been a great week for me.

As per usual everyone is complaining.
“its to hot..”
Shut up. This could be all the sun we get GOD DAMNIT.

Listening to Foo Fighters really tops of another great weekend. Spend friday night in hamilton,Cathouse saturday and today i spent with emma. I also got sunburn. Urgh.

Every weekend should be this great.


I am currently listening to,one of Britains best bands,the Arctic Monkeys. Brainstorm has possibly got one of the best drum tracks ever recorded. Its unreal how fast it is! Probally one of the best tracks on the album?

Anyhoo,yesterday i was up at the Cathouse in Glasgow with my mates. Couldnt have asked for a better weekend. Great friends,good times. Whats not to ask for?